Hold your head high and smile and

Straighten your back and look ahead

They tell me

Because I

Never know who I am and what I deserve

Never remember

My place in the world.

I think I am a cloud or a see-through curtain

I fancy myself a vase with no flowers in it

I walk around like a clown on a journey

Outside the walls of the home.

I would let birds alight on my shoulder I

Would dig a hut with the fox and her cubs

I would roll on the grass till the sun has scorched me -

But I’ve forgotten my name…

They say

They know it and they

Can help but I

Don’t really know what to do with it. I’m sorry.

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Adam Whitworth

Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:41

Like this a lot, especially the longer lines in the middle there :)

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Sun 31st Jan 2016 15:16

Hi Rubie Rose, you're right. Sometimes I wonder whether one needs to 'know' who one is. Whether it's better not to think about it at all. But most people don't know how to deal with you if that's how you are or try to be.

Rubie Rose

Sun 31st Jan 2016 00:11

As I read your poem I see myself due to the fact that its scary to be in a world where everything is moving so fast and everyone is so judgmental. its easy to lose yourself in all that I just want to let you know that its okay to feel the way you do just as long as you take it as a learning experience.

Much Luck

~Rubie Rose

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