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Sweet Heart


My Dear

Come here

Why are

You here?




No Mama?

No Papa?


 All alone?




With me


No need

For you

To walk

These Streets

On your



Look around


Is this the  


For you?


The world

Is too busy

No one

Will notice

You passing




You look

So sad


Lean over

Come here

May I

Give you

A kiss?


Take my



Take you

Away from



Just one


That's great 


Fuck it, girl

Don’t cry


Put this over

Your head

It will

Be better

This way


He's rich





Have started

Now he's

Just waiting

For you....


And I trade

In spare parts

Sweet Heart






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Lynn Hamilton

Mon 1st Feb 2016 19:09

Thanks, David. I've just watched the clip and it relates very well. Thanks for the link. PJH is an exceptional talent and well worthy of promotion! X

Lynn Hamilton

Mon 1st Feb 2016 13:16

Thanks everyone so much on your comments, particularly on this piece. I was worried about the reception it would receive.

David, I think you may have spotted the gap where the missing verse was. I took it out as I thought it was nasty enough. I have a hunch that this trade is now a lot closer to home.

I agree, Robert, about exposure, and I hoped that people would see that, that is the intention and not about using shock tactics to boost my ego.

Stu, I felt guilty and sick when I wrote it!

A totally agree with your 'creepy' comment Ray but hope that only refers to the piece! ;)

Thanks again for your comments, much appreciated X

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Sun 31st Jan 2016 20:39

A real sting in the tail - almost a fairy tale sense of false security and that adds horror to the telling.
David has fleshed out the subject nicely. The word Sweetheart is creepy.


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Stu Buck

Sun 31st Jan 2016 14:08

lynn this is fantastic. nasty subject, nasty narrator, nasty tale. the best art (for me anyway) makes me feel guilty for enjoying it. good stuff.

Robert Mann

Sun 31st Jan 2016 13:58

Lynn - I have to agree with David. The subject matter needs exposure and the more that is written, in whatever format, can only inform change. i did wonder where this piece was going: people trafficking, sex trafficking, paedophilia or a rescue story. Well written Lynn.

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