No Mercy!

A Rant 
by a Drunk & Angry Poet! 


Fuck you! You selfish bastard
You wanker, prick & runt
You think that I deserve this
You're an ugly little cunt

Throughout our 14 years
Via your manipulation
You've broken me piece by piece
Now I'm changing that situation

You think that you can fuck her
And keep me as a friend
You think I'll take it lying down
Believe me this is the end

Our break up was hard enough
Without your little tart
I begged for you to give me time
Before you made a start

But you are a selfish bastard
And you're thinking with your cock
You claim to care about me
Well quite frankly that's a shock

Your actions speak much louder
Than the lies you tell yourself
And I'm sure it won't be long before 
She's shitting on your shelf

Well I hope you're happy with your choice
Because my door is firmly shut
So make the most of what you've got
With your plastic little slut

I hope she has a razor blade
Hidden in her cunt
To cut your cock to ribbons
While you fuck her from the front

Or perhaps you'll fuck her up the arse
I know that that's a passion
I don't s'pose it matters 
You'll fuck her in a fashion

Maybe a fuck behind a tree 
Or on a beach in Wales
While she rakes your back to shreds 
Without breaking her false nails 

Her perfect perky boobs 
Will be pointing to the sky
They came with a price tag
You'll be glad you didn't buy

And remember not to get her wet
Her tan will run like tears
She really doesn't look
Her tender two & thirty years

Oh & don't forget your sunglasses 
So you can gaze upon her smiles
Those teeth so dazzling white
(I wonder - where did she buy those tiles) 

You think I cost you money
I'm as natural as they come
You'll have to take a mortgage out
To pay for her new bum

Well fuck her good & hard my love
With the Botox you'll never know 
If you give her any pleasure

And on that note .....
I shall go! 

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Vicki Ayers

Sun 31st Jan 2016 23:32

Thanks Lea - glad you enjoyed it! And yes he deserves every word!


Sun 31st Jan 2016 11:14

Heh heh! Made me laugh so hard, very clever, and sounds like he deserves it x

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