flirt (01/16/2016)

take you like a drug.
a fleeting, thrilling secret
whispered against the silent and still
begged for buying
weft and deft, chasing
thru traffic cones
past stop signs
persuaded behind bank vaults 
for a taste of sweetened stems
puppet pulley'd into the spotlight:
I've always loved an obvious ambush. 

pupils dialate and hair pulled out
locks broken and scattered in room
paid hourly for a high lasting what feels like days
stretching on past climax
captive in our separate ways
but addicts all the same. 

it's easy to lose track 
in seams of where life dips deep
down to tread the hallowed ground of nightmares
kept to waking, sleeping open eyed
on spiked beds of adrenaline
Where familiar fear feels too good
to scratch but never fully sate
the itch of orgasm.
Nothing can ever break the bar for that first high
Especially not death.

we wasted the infamous
braced on the nameless
sacrificing homes for houses
instead of wives
we grew up on spouses
hyphenated names
traded in for boredom and needles
(a fresh one for each use)
romancing ancient spinsters
and the suffering we've never known.

flesh-carvers, queasy at the site of blood
nodding heads, pale skin
safety-net lengths away from death
playing with danger, living with a lifeline
and the quiet tragedy of vacancy
far away, after ragnarok
after all the gods went away on business
kennelled us
gave us pornography and zoloft
with a knowing tussle of our hair 
"We'll be back soon, and we'll bring salvation with us. 
We'll have a party, then."

enlightenment is written 
in rear view mirror dust
as fukushima fades behind the horizon
and we're all that remains.

Arms length flirtation but only when you roll a si

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Stu Buck

Mon 18th Jan 2016 12:07

so is life

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John Bastard

Mon 18th Jan 2016 11:27

thank you stu
though i think you give me a little too much credit on this one. it's terribly uncohesive.
thank you for reading :)

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Stu Buck

Mon 18th Jan 2016 08:42

this is great. its a chemical nightmare and a denied orgasm all in one.

gave us pornography and zoloft
with a knowing tussle of our hair

how true.

this whole thing rings my bells. love it.

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