Trumpets, Burglars & Puddles

Sometimes I wish I didn't feel
I wish my heart was made of stone
That I was immune to all this shit
Of being on my own
My world is full of Cockwombles
Fuckwits & Spunk Trumpets
Turd Burglars & Cunt Puddles
Wank Stains & Fuck Nuggets! 
And those are just the few 
That I've had the joy of meeting
I'd like to dare the rest to meet 
Somewhere - however fleeting 
Stand up and be counted 
You liars, cheats and cads
You wazzocks & jebends
I'll grab you by the gonads
Because I've simply had enough
Of being treated like a tool
Of believing all the shit you spout
Like some poor pathetic fool
I cannot shake the feeling
That the stupidity I feel
Is down to the betrayal
Of all the lies that they conceal
So I'm giving up compassion 
To empathy goodbye
And to trusting blindly what I'm told
Farewell & Fuckety Bye!

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Vicki Ayers

Sun 10th Jan 2016 23:03

Thank you D! I like yours xx

Lady Denyse

Sun 10th Jan 2016 11:46

I think that you wrapped up, being fed up, quite nicely. I love your style - a lot!

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Vicki Ayers

Mon 4th Jan 2016 17:01

Oh dear - did you make it to the end?! Hope I haven't offended your sensitive nature Tommy xx

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 4th Jan 2016 16:53

I nearly fainted when it came to 'Spunk trumpets '

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