Learning How To Swim

I'm jumping in with both feet
But I've forgotten how to swim
I can not find my paddle
And the water's pretty grim! 
I need a newer guide book
To navigate this path
Why is it so difficult
I just want to have a laugh! 
Maybe I should google it
'How to find a mate'
But one who really means it
And is punching at his weight
It's impossible to tell from
The sparse detail that I've got
How genuine a person is -
Is it really him or not
Pictures can't be trusted
They're all of beer & dogs
I have begun to wonder
If I'll ever get a snog! 
Some say they want to meet up
Others just disappear
What should I believe
I really have no idea
I'm not sure what I want
Am I lying to myself
My ego is so fragile now
Since I've been on the shelf
It's time to build a better me
One who doesn't care
I am a warrior princess
So I offer up this prayer
Please give me the strength inside 
To love myself completely
Because I'm truly worth it
I wish that I could see
All this endless searching
For something I think I need
I have it all within me
I just need to sow the seed
If I can truly love myself
Completely without fear
Then that special person
Will magically appear
Because I won't be looking
Won't be hanging by the phone
And trying to second guess them
I'll be happy on my own
But I'm hopelessly romantic
And I'd really like to see
That someone out there somewhere
Is looking just for me
And so I gaze once again
Into my screen so black 
Wishing & hoping that
He'll just text me back

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Vicki Ayers

Tue 5th Jan 2016 19:49

Thanks again J x

J Graham

Tue 5th Jan 2016 11:06

Fantastic poem!

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