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How my three minutes where reduced to one

Yes, there are times when you think you have made a break through in this cut and thrust world of poetry.  Then it happens, a mention on the radio (which you know nothing about) and only on the Tony Stringfellow show Page One.

Yes the email came flooding in from our trusted Mr Blackburn telling me of my success, and after a quick reply expressing many thanks, the plan was put into action to listen to the programme. Mission - to listen to the repeat on Monday online.

So, onto the internet the world of mystical sites, straight to WCRFM web site, to see if I could listen.


The blood drained from my veins, knowing I did not have broadband (this was going to take an age, but what the ‘Ek it’s Sunday and calls are cheap rate).

Some one hour thirty five minutes later the eagle has landed, linked up to the world stage of music (get in there!!).

After going through the massive play lists for radio throughout the universe, back on the internet for handy tips on how to get online, press Ctrl+u enter http address, so back to the media program, tried one, no

thousands, of the bloody https,  message up on the screen “URCL not found”

Finger ends blistered, white flag out, missed the show, but there was a happy ending, the more than kind Mr Stringfellow sent me a copy.

Friday morning in the post, so tea and toast all laid out, CD on, feet up listen to the programme. Introduced the show and ‘the last word goes this week to Paul Blackburn’ (soddin’ hell that Mr Blackburn has been having me on) then an apology a few minuets later ‘the last word this week to Paul Broadhurst’.

So yes, it was I that was on ‘Page One’ and the poem ‘I’m only a Dog’ was kindly read out.

So, (shared with our renowned poet Mr Blackburn who also got a mention) was the end of my radio call to fame.


I’m only a dog


I wake about six, I may want a wee

Make a little noise, they come down to me

I’m soon out the back, I’d better perform

I don’t think they’re happy, I get up at dawn


I’ll wait half an hour, then make some more noise

This time they are down, I’ll pick up some toys

The lead has come out, the play did the trick

They’re wrapped round my paw; they must think I’m thick


We’re out on a walk; it’s not a bad day

I hope it stays nice, and the rain stays away

A good long walk, and breakfast to come

I’ll just have a doze, on my full tum


I’ll have a quick play, after my rest

Acting the fool the results are the best,

A ride in the car, and we’re out for the day

I knew it would be nice if the rain stayed away


Back home now, I’m glad ‘cos I’m wrecked

A drink and my tea then bed to reflect

Another fine day, out on the go

It’s a barking hard life, a dog’s life you know



By Paul Broadhurst

◄ Apology from the MPs


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