the raven speaks unto the dove (new edit)

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I was sent to sea

A long time before you, dove.

And Honestly, I flew above

It's storms and moved for Him these great, black wings

In search of land. In the vast freedom of Nothing

I beat.


Until my reality was abandoned.

 God’s faithful servant, Noah

And every one of God’s men cheered for

the fortuitous return

of you


with little olive twig

in mouth


On that day

the people forgot about the plight of living in the Dark

In Night’s Horizon I had already

Circled many times the globe

But didn’t see you there.

Till easily the spring was formed

With treasure on its fingers,

Lining up in groves


Before the dawning of day

Before God called

‘let there be light’

 Within that flight

God showed me a vision of



Across the sea and the sky 

and scratch a seperation in lightening forks.

The first form.

and thunder shook the colour in you


For it had come to mean good and righteous to the people of that language

That you remain unmarked and 'perfect.'

And so the history of mankind

Was, then, written in black blood upon the lush green lands

tarring them barren

and the famines were kept

for the future of Afrika's children.


For I


The Black.


The Dubh of forgotten tongue


Was made outcast in every breeding nation.

And my black eyes saw that gong

of eclipsed sun

ring out synonymous with ‘wrong’.


So to the darker tribes

I told my misgivings.

And to the White

I cast my opposite in shadow

as they were not formed to hear my voice

and so its scrawks

here at the perimeter.


But still I faithful fly,

With only momentary still

And shed my feathers

For ‘man's’ invention of the quill


I shout it out to God,

In an inaudible glory

for picking this fight

without allowing 

my side of its story

and fitting me with heavy beak

and knife claw

but dignifying peace

to force from me a draw.


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Caroline Gerfin

Mon 27th Jul 2015 18:59

Wow, thanks. Beautifull tough words.

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Rachel Bond

Thu 9th Jul 2015 22:45

Thanks Cynthia and Andy,

The poem took me about 20 years of thinking upon the subject :) It was actually written very quickly and edited over a couple of reads, which, as Cynthia points out is why it is not perfectly spelt or 'grammatized' I like the imperfections. To be honest i get so on top of my work I wouldn't see its mistakes. sometimes it is a rush with my self to get it out which takes precedence..not for the reader but the creative process for me involves getting it out. i seem only to be motivated with the spelling etc once its already online. I have to say though i do use 'creative spelling' often as a mechanism for idea. I.e. Afrika's. and i find writing changes, grows and develops with every if a poem could become a book, a chapter etc i think its learning where to draw your limits with editing. i can write new poetry from the edit of an original..but some poetry i like to keep it as close to its original to avoid labouring it. its a delicate balance.

i take your compliments however as praise for the words and that is wonderful x thanks again. if you've any time to highlight my errors i would be grateful for you to point them out only i am likely to invent a list of artistic purpose for why they are included or omitted :) it is hard to be creative AND place importance on correct english format..and here i go, this poem is about perfection/imperfection and other extreme opposites.I would like to see it written perfectly but other peoples ideas of perfect english are not necessarily set to a standard.

Andy, I am always writing. i don't write solely for this website or for performance poetry 'club' I have always written in one form or another and always will while I am able :) a writer/artist has to have something to write/create about. for a writer there is no vacation x

I am Welsh and Irish/Manx (scouse) by blood. why dyou ask?

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Thu 9th Jul 2015 22:20

And this poem moves upon the face of the waters, and upon the heart, with insightful power. Very creative.

Are you Celtic? Well, more so than us all, at least?

Rachel, I know great writing has nothing to do with grammar and punctuation; but since you are so prominent in talent and set such a high standard in subject matter and expression, also check your 'page' presentation for the bare minimum of spelling. Or get someone to proofread for you. Famous writers always do that - pass the mundane stuff to a secretary.

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Andy N

Thu 9th Jul 2015 16:49

phew. wow.. excellent, rach. didn't know you were still writing.

this must have took ages to write.


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Rachel Bond

Wed 8th Jul 2015 21:40

i will steve black. i have been checking books about em in waterstones..sure i saw a japanese book?? will have another look. i want some good illustrations x

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Rachel Bond

Wed 8th Jul 2015 00:54

thank you Rose x

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Rose Casserley

Tue 7th Jul 2015 22:54

Hi Racheal.This is superb.A really deep and soulful piece.

Thank you.



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