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She drags tired heels

across a tainted floor,

poise slightly bowed

and her back is sore.

She holds on her face

a cold marble stare,

a hard life engraved

upon cheeks once so fair.


Her faulting movements,

once graceful; divine,

her aching limbs now

with guile, defy

her final performance

on this dark empty stage,

memories fleeting

of a much better age.


The roar of the crowd

in the heat of the lights,

commanding the stage

to the cries of delight.

Standing ovations

from sold out rooms,

cries of “Encore”,

bouquets and blooms.


A West End starlet,

she danced through the air,

forever performing

in the spotlight’s glare.

The flash of the cameras

and jostling fans,

her fluttering eyelashes

would meet their demands.


Talk-shows and dinners,

awards and applause,

accolades and roses

received without pause.

A star on the boulevard,

her hands cast in stone,

everybody worshipped

and bowed at her throne.


She reached for the heavens

and in starlight she basked,

the world was her oyster,

she could have all she asked

but her deal with the devil

was soon to be paid,

like any sweet rose

she must finally fade.


Soon the face in the mirror

would define all her time,

a light dusty trail

at the end of each line

until cracks in the glass

couldn’t mask her demise,

just dull flaking make-up

on a weary disguise.


The halls became vacant

like her own distant stare,

from cold tired eyes

behind dull brittle hair.

Her body defying

her desperate pleas

to return to the times

of such graceful ease.


She drags tired heels

across the tarnished floor,

her body now trembling

as she reaches the door.

With a last tearful glance

at the dark ageing boards,

no more bright lights

or loud cheering hoards.


She turns away

and with a mournful sigh,

closes the door

with a whispered goodbye.

The rain is hard

and the cold wind bites

as she stiffly walks off

into the dark stormy night.




Written by Darren Scanlon, 19th July 2014

Revised 28th June 2015.

©2015 Darren Scanlon. All rights reserved.





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