Kelvingrove Memories

Stumbling across a hidden riverĀ 
lost amongst lush greenery
where grass and stones collide
I feel my thoughts split open
the tacky pull of damp ground
the grand firmness of dry bark
and these muddy banks transporting me...

In my swirling senses
the immediate evaporates
I hear water rushing
rushing into the past

Where teenage bodies dive
and teenage bodies glide
where clenching fists of toes
squelch soft black sand between
newly forming memories imprinting, imprinting
and the sun is high
and it's laughing with us

Rubber boats caught on rope
being held against the flow
skimming stones and counting
counting the days to go

Remembering a time before all of this
that simpler phase before all of this drinking
there was enough, right there
there was enough enjoyment
enough entertainment right there
in the murky waters
and trying to reach the other side

Those days, at end of day
we always slept so well
O, to sleep that well...

Footprints on fresh banks
jogging forgotten memories into crisp focus
of a childhood spent exploring
living by the river...

(June 2014 - inspired by Glasgow)


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 19th Apr 2015 15:46

The message is compelling - some lines scoring especially well. Perhaps the repetition isn't entirely needed - unless this is really a lyric for a song, and musically the repeated lines would work depending on the melody. But the whole poem is most enjoyable with the strength of honesty flowing through it.

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