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ISBN 978-1503034525, available in paperback through

Framed by the poems "How To Love A Woman" (Patrica Pfahl) and "The Scent of Trees" (Belinda Dupret), Trevor Maynard has curated an eclectic anthology of poetry, mostly garnered from social and professional networking. The idea is to capture the zeitgeist, Poetry of The Now, organically grown and nurtured, to explore the human condition, entertain, and educate.

As well as the single poem sections FOREWORD and AFTERWORD; there as QUESTIONS, seven poems seeking answers to love and life; CONSUMED, eight poems jumping off from technology and social structure of modern consumerist society; EARTHLY, nine poem on Nature and Man’s place in/against it; and HUMANE, explorations of the human condition, ten poems of mortality and loss.

Below is a taste of the poetic style and themes in the anthology, which will hopefully give you a good feel for the book as a whole. All clips are copyright the authors and are used by permission. They reproduced from The Poetic Bond IV, edited by Trevor Maynard, and published by Willowdown Books © 2014.

At the Cost of Others’ Eyes © RH Peat
“Film of dust upon your heart
will you kneel in this quagmire
for the scraps the jackal has left behind,
or will you soar like a Snowy Owl
before the sheer mountain's white cliffs
wanting to be those eyes inside the night?”

Daddy, who the moon in half? © Bonnie Roberts
“I lie in my scratchy Mission blanket,
Shiver for the Truth,
Plead, hold out my arms,
Like the Starving Pilgrim.”

Wrangle © Mark Beechill
“Get to work
Stare at a screen
Fudge numbers
Stare at the scars on my hand
Hide in the toilet
Doubt the meaning of existence
Eat lunch
Feel sleepy
Go out
Walk in the woods
See a squirrel
Come back
Stare at the screen
Watch the clock
Think about the cat
Think about girls
Listen to the music in my head
Hide in the toilet again”

Art Show © Rosalind Brenner
“Her body is the war zone.
Her art, the bi-polarity of existence.
Behind her a naked man and woman,
face to face. Walk through the narrow space
between them to the rest of her exhibit.”

Obsidian © Patricia Pfahl
many laughing women
showing berry-stained teeth
keep the meat
scrape the hide”

Another Kind of Sunset © Clark Cook
“on the hard wet sand at the frothy edge of the receding tide, a red snapper lies in curved rigid pose, one side half-skeletal…”

Alzheimer Blues I – It’s OK © Diane Jardel
“Oh I’ve put your pyjamas on again
But you are laughing so it’s OK
You have to watch me like a baby
But I know it’s OK when you smile at me.”

What was left © Cigeng Zhang
“Petals fallen
Essence rotten
Where to join
A funeral march”

Clarity © Trevor Maynard
“Every moment so clear, as if it were
Yesterday, or now; we staggered from
Party to party, abject in our failing with
Girls; astonished at our success, with girls
That innocence, growing up together, clarity”

To Set a Big Cry Free © Peter Hagen
“It’s full of
hunted reason”

Editors' Notes

1. FOR A PDF PRESS COPY OF THE POETIC BOND IV, contact Trevor Maynard at on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT15 2LP

2. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet and writer, manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn. His new poetry collection is KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON (was published November 27 2012). He is also the author of several plays. Further information at

3.The Poets of The POETIC BOND IV (2014) are; Christine Anderes (USA), Mark Beechill (UK), Scott Pendragon Black (USA), Rosalind Brenner (USA) Clark Cook (Canada), Catherine DeWolf (USA), William DiBenedetto (USA), Belinda Dupret (UK), Bonnie J. Flach (US), G A. Franke (USA), Ingrid Gjelsvik (Norway), GK Grieve (UK), Peter Hagen (Norway), Seamus Harrington (Eire), Diane Jardel (Eire), Trevor Maynard (UK), Clare Mikkelsen (USA), Jude Neale (Canada), Hongvan Nguyen (USA), RH Peat (USA), Patricia Pfahl (Canada), Bonnie Roberts (USA), Sayed H. Rohani (Afghanistan), Peter Alan Soron (UK), Cigeng Zhang (China)

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