Poetry Review and Discuss is an international poetry discussion forum on the professional networking site, LinkedIN. The aim of this group is to look at poetry that is about love, life and the world. Poetry that explores issues, that wants to change things, and gets the work out there. Poets can publicize their own and others work here. Also post reviews. The more information the better. It is also a base for The Poetic Bond, a series of paperback anthologies, published on amazon and elsewhere.

What we do

PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE THE POETIC BOND III, ISBN 978-1492384199, published 5 October 2013 Poetry of the MOMENT, from across the PLANET, poetry of our WORLD Poetry that documents the Contemporary Zeitgeist Poetry that explores, illuminates and examines the Human Condition POETRY THAT BONDS US Poetry from Brazil, Canada, China, Eire, France, Grenada, India, Israel, Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, UK, US, Thirty-seven poets from 13 countries were selected through a submission process in which there were no restrictions on form, style, length of subject; instead the choices made were on the basis of emergent themes and congruency in the pool of work; a snapshot of the poetry of new media NOW, seeking to capture the zeitgeist of the moment. “Poetry, both reveals and shares our humanity” (Trevor Maynard, editor The Poetic Bond Series) Editors' Notes 1. FOR A PDF PRESS COPY OF THE POETIC BOND III, contact Trevor Maynard at on 0 44 7966 079968 or by snail mail at Willowdown Books, 105 Crockford Park Road, Addletone, Surrey, UK, KT 15 2LP 2. Trevor Maynard, UK based poet and writer, manager of Poetry, Review and Discuss Group, a major poetry group on LinkedIn. His new poetry collection is KEEP ON KEEPIN' ON (was published November 27 2012). He is also the author of several plays. Further information at 3. The Poets of The POETIC BOND III (2013) are; Christine Anderes (US), Graham Bates (New Zealand), Rebecca Behar (France), Mark Beechill (UK), Nikki Bennett (UK), Rosalind Brenner (US), BJ Brown (US), Ian Colville (UK), Clark Cook (Canada), William DiBenedetto (US), Sam Doctors (US), Belinda Dupret (UK), Sumita Dutta (India), Gilbert A. Frank (US), Nina Floreteng (Sweden), Louise Francois (Grenada), GK Grieve (Europe), Seamus Harrington (Eire), Scott Hastie (UK), James Higgins (US), Robin Ouzman Hislop (UK), Diane Jardel (UK), Mark L. Levinson (Israel), Carey Link (US), Trevor Maynard (UK), Mermie (France), Simon Miller (UK), Linda Mills (US), Marli Merker Moreira (Brazil), Christine Pearson (US), RH Peat (US), Bonnie Roberts (US), Niek Satijn (Netherlands), Sharla Lee Shults (US), Peter Alan Soron (UK), Charles Thielman (US), Cigeng Zhang (China). PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE PRESS RELEASE

All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems.

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