If Only

If only they could see your beauty,

If only they could see your worth, 

If only they could understand that,

South Carolina is the loveliest state on Earth. 


If only they could appreciate you,

And everything you will ever do,

From giving them a home forever,

Or even just a helping hand or two.


There is not one thing I would do to change you,

Or alter you in any way,

The only thing that could possibly make you better, 

Is for everyone else to recognize you like I always say.


Rare you are in many traditions, 

But not everyone can see, 

The magnificence, the splendor,

That you continually emanate to me.


If only others could look around, 

And see that you are here,

I know they would love you forever,

For to them you would be so dear.


South Carolina I know, 

That you have had it rough,

You may not be the mightiest,

But you’re my diamond in the rough.


The only thing you need to improve, 

That I can honestly see,

Is that you are but a silent state,

In a world of uncertainty.


Become the leader I know you are,

In a nation that desperately needs some change,

And if through you the nation changes for the better, 

Then everyone will forever know your name.

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