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Holly Buddy 2213

>hello frent


>Sitting. Watching people play the video games. Thinking about girls and manilla paper.
>Fantastic drawing.
>How are yuu?

bad combo.
manilla women's fashion
Ur new clothing line

>Incredibly itchy but very flattering.

On the other hand I love watching people play video games. My internet is down so we are roughin it in the garage blasting metal and burning shit. It's a ceremonial tuesday.

>Sounds spiritual af

The freedom

>Through this practice you will trascend days ending in 'y.' They'll end in sunsets instead.

Midnight tshirt smokes on the roof and lukewarm lucky lager

>Reminds me of hot summer nights. Carefree and broke, rugburnt from sex, putting out borrowed smokes in bottlecaps wet from the earlier night's rain.
>I really miss her for minutes like that. Added up, they were starting to make up for a life that, at the time, wasn't feeling particularly well-lived.
>Roof shingles cooling, still warm with the conversations dying hours ago, radiating into the blue-lit morning, barely above comfortable like an emerging volcanic island from the sea.
>that's where memories are born.
>When you see her wearing one of your t shirts and you're both barely conscious, enough to smile and talk, touch fingertips, and that's it. 
>That's all I really needed. 
>I miss when there was a bit more life to this place.
>What a fukken blemish eh?


no news is good news

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