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autumn division notes

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"-444444444444444444 (4*18=72)
-count the rings something sings if you let go of yourself you might just hear it there's not just one; more than one name for a spirit
-a house cor churches; banners of lament built of pills, blood, love and cement flags
 at half-mast, though good intentions never fall reader kind, what good we sow
-irony is dead
-roads that spiral in shattered like glass rewrote like victor's history great minds losing ways, bridges burnt at sunrise, our compass is our mystery
-too simple; damned. I was just a tide to your moon, but now i'll die a fucking cannibal
-lively tin cans, broad shoulders of atlas, shrugged, yet we spin as we swing through space, we will and have never known grace from which we pray to fall
-brilliant; in one breath you can say how mine takes yours away, and yet call me a liar over something as simple as this admittance when I hurt: 'I love you' -- how quickly life turns, just as my insides churn, ebbing back and forth, tides to your moon. all i've ever wanted was to sleep in with you, past noon"

this is how

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