Deansgate Bridge

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(image-Liam Spencer)




Deansgate Bridge

The rain runs through the gaps in the metalwork

And makes its way onto the blue brick.

Running in the veins along the mortar creases of the giant supports.


He was sat slumped on the card

Like a washing load tipped out.

Head up and looking to me,

With hands out, he straightened a cig.


 Unnoticed, nudged and knocked

 it tumbled,

it turned

 in the loose air of the bridge.


His half swipe missed

And wild eyed he abandoned it and looked to me again.







(his first draw, the best one, was polluted with the damp air of the roadside),

And almost halted as the cig bounced end down, fell, rolled

And was sucked into the mortar led stream to the gutter.

manchester deansgate liam spencer darren lea-grime

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Martin Elder

Tue 10th Feb 2015 17:53

I love this Daz, very evocative imagery , nice one

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jean lucy thompson

Wed 29th Oct 2014 07:34

brought back memories haha well written loved it

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Jeff Dawson

Sat 18th Oct 2014 09:07

Excellent Daz, very poignant & great images, cheers Jeff

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Darren Lea-grime

Thu 16th Oct 2014 19:07

cheers julian, i saw this happen years ago and it stayed with me, i think of it every time i go under the bridge...thanks again

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Julian (Admin)

Thu 16th Oct 2014 16:50

I like this a lot, Daz. It stumbles and stutters across the page like rainwater tumbling into the Croal, or a dropped dog end, or a man's life slipping away. Briliant.

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