No Reason

The day seems a good bit colder now,

Casting blue light through the windows.

And I just don’t seem to have the energy,

To get up—go on—continue.

I know things won’t get better,

I no longer can believe.

Today I found no reason not to leave.


When times were rough in the past,

I had you to keep me strong.

But now my bed seems rather large,

And the nights seem way too long.

I miss the warmth you brought me.

I miss your sweet relief.

Without you there’s no reason not to leave.


Memories are fleeting things,

Sometimes you can’t hold on,

Whatever tomorrow the future brings,

I know you’ll still be gone.

If I could change a single thing,

I’d change this hollow dawn.

And then I’d have a reason not to leave.


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Preeti Sinha

Fri 19th Sep 2014 03:11

It hurts, doesn't it? Hope you're good :)

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