The Crooked Beast At The End Of A Crooked Path

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The Crooked Beast At The End Of A Crooked Path

I saw him rise like a dark spectre
in the clouds
at the end of a crooked path
his horned head cocked
spreading his cloven claws
astride the graves that nestled
safe beneath the trees
his wings unfurling
across the sky
and gathering in
the long dead souls
beneath the ground
and I thought
I heard the demon say
“I told you I would not forget you
lying here out of sight”
but maybe it was the wind
soughing in the skeletal trees
and blowing away
the thunderheads
or perhaps
the silent prayer upon my lips
for when I blinked
they were only clouds again
and the crooked beast
at the end of the crooked path
had taken flight


Inspired By: photograph by Richard Nixon (c) Rich Pictures

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Laura Taylor

Wed 20th Aug 2014 12:25

Now why does this make me think of Tribute by Tenacious D?! :D

'his wings unfurling' puts me in mind of Milton's Satan too.

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