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Golden Eagle, soaring high
Shot down in flames
From hate-filled skies
Raining people
Watch them die
What the hell is going on?
Luggage scattered
Bodies shattered
Children's toys
Bruised and battered
They shot a fucking plane down!
Innocent lives of hundreds gone
Families broken
Left to mourn
The loved ones
Who won't make it home
Division - at what cost?
A political divide meant nothing
To the souls who paid with everything
Now let's see what tomorrow brings
I bet it won't be justice!


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Tommy Carroll

Tue 22nd Jul 2014 21:48

...and all this disbelief and anger is likewise directed at the Israeli government and their armed forces ...yes?

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Ged the Poet

Tue 22nd Jul 2014 19:39

'A political divide meant nothing
To the souls who paid with everything..'
The wrath of the World against the Russian Bear. Sanctions will mean nothing to them as they switch off the gas supply and most of Continental Europe freezes this winter.
Now is the time for to unite and be strong... as indeed we wait for justice.

<Deleted User> (6895)

Mon 21st Jul 2014 22:34

the international 'community'needs to take their kid gloves off-get off their yapping,dinner,scoffing,wine swigging fat arses and come down on (Ras)putin like a ton of ! bricks-what an absolute shambles!it really is doing our heads in thinking about ALL those poor innocents and their families who are suffering terribly.Shame the plane didn't come down in an oil field-the site would have been secured in a ! flash!'May God rest their souls and pour his vengeance on those responsible.

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 21st Jul 2014 22:03

...perhaps power and wealth need a bigger 'fix'

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Tommy Carroll

Mon 21st Jul 2014 21:49

The first of many I warrant- sadly so.

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