Love Unimagined

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There is a love that goes unimagined

Running deep within the spirit,

One that doesn’t show every thought

Nor the fleeting gestures that it might merit.


Yet it is so true and strong unimagined

Weaving strands of diamond thread,

One that isn’t always on display

But yet is saluted in the very stars instead.


It will be there in worlds unimagined

Outshining all things flooding into view,

One that stands the test of time

Resting in me but vested only in you.

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alan barlow

Sun 17th Aug 2014 13:05

i like this piece i was about to pick out a favourite part but upon rereading i would either pick out a different segment each time or had a third of the poem plus a few additional lines, or all of it. the part that spoke to me first was the centre section and then the last line of the poem a nice piece (without wishing to sound trite"

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 22nd Dec 2013 16:29

A timely reminder of the transference of love
and how its importance of interaction remains
constant - and vital.

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