How I tumbled into it
I do not know.
A strange, soft place
Sweet and warm.
 Alone, spinning
Tumbling neither up nor down.
I see a sign, April it says
Catch the hand, be quick.

No bat nor newt or frog
Inhabit this place.
Just me, I see a light
A very small light.
A small cry
Is that the echo of me.
Listening hearing, 'It's me'

The light, the love
Tumbling closer, together.
I may faint with the ecstasy
What if I miss her hand?
My palms are moist
What if I slip or miss?
Tumbling forever
In the void of love.

No missing or slip
Fated  together as one.
Smiling, loving together
I hear her cry,  Yes.
Nothing can stop this
Wet palms or gravity.
I shout, 'It is me'
I am yours if you wish.


love poetry

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