Strange Love

Yours was a strange love
that went beyond all kinds
of acceptable boundaries
and normal taste.

Yours was a strange love
that involved so much kissing
in the rain
I am surprised I never
got the flu.

Yours was a strange love
like Snakes and ladders
minus a dice
and replaced with a pin
you may pull off
Blind Man's Bluff.

Yours was a strange love
full of kinky mis-adventures
underneath bridges
and dodging in bushes
not always successfully
whenever a train went
past us on Platform 2.

Yours was a strange love
where foreplay to you
was like a kick in the nuts
that then turned into
a drop kick,

making me glad

I finished with you
and got a proper love instead.

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Gray Nicholls

Sun 15th Dec 2013 12:34

thanks Patricia &Stefan and Cynthia for your comments here. am always a little nervous about comedy pieces about what is funny or not, and like i told you andy before while this is a fictional piece, there are elements which are true, most of this thankfully is fiction! lol but i am grateful you like this. it means a lot to me. thanks gray

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Patricia and Stefan Wilde

Sun 15th Dec 2013 11:12

Doesnt matter which 'bit'you put yourself into,we were right there behind you-camera in hand!

great piece.xx

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Fri 13th Dec 2013 11:22

'Love', and the expression of it, is an acquired taste. I did laugh through this very funny and well-written piece. Your 'lover' was probably equally glad to be done with you with your own sense of what is 'proper'.

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Gray Nicholls

Sun 8th Dec 2013 10:45

cheers, andy. started as a gag this one really, but as they say i believe you always end up putting part of yourself in any poem you write. in this case, i'm still not saying which bit of course - lol

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Andy N

Fri 6th Dec 2013 10:50

really like the third stanza here in particular. one of those kind mad pieces i think which makes you wonder whether you are telling the truth or not. top stuff, man.

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