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Against a backdrop of broiling grey
The dancing colours flap & wave away 
To all who can see and for all left to be
A warning about the worsening sea

A relentless outburst of desperate cries
Fighting the force of the cloudy sighs
And the seas whip up a daring wager
To all who seek the thrill of danger

Teasing and testing the brave and bold
Icy waves, so strong and cold
As eyes of love cry tears of pain
The battering wind and stinging rain

White capped waves, a growing swell
A cold dark tomb, or the gates of hell
Inviting a cold and clammy demise
To wash the life from dying eyes

A tumbling mass of death and desire
A tempting lure for those of inner fire
Like a moth to a flame, an unfathomable pull
Obliviously entering 'neath the cry of a gull

Be he brave or foolish for reasons unknown
Ignoring the pressure and deafening groan
He climbs atop his trusty board
On cresting waves the surfer soared

Flying across tumultuous waves
Where many have and will find their graves
A sea of life that will take your breath
As it sucks you down to a cold, dark death.

November 2013





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