Some Love


Some love is cold, some love is fire

Some love is nothing but sexual desire


Some love is warm some love is born

Some love’s a breeze and some is a storm


Some love glimmers in the dark of the night

Some love shines incredibly bright


Some love is unknown, some is foretold

Some love is silver, some love is gold


Some love is spoken, some love is shouted

Some love just happens and you know nothing about it


Some love is trust, some love is dust

Some love’s a card game and suddenly you’re bust


Some love is a restaurant and a candle lit dinner

Some love is a loser and some is a winner


Some love is a movie watched in the dark

Some love is fumbling in the back of a car


Some love is a tune that you can hum

Some love is a beat banging on a drum


Some love is walking, some love is running

Some love has passed and some is coming


Some love is gay and some love is straight

Some love matures, some turns to hate


Some love is happiness, some love is strife

but love is the reason for giving us life



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abdillah seif

Mon 21st May 2018 14:49

I have watched youtube animated love poem video it is so beautiful and cute with romantic music.


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Steve Higgins

Fri 27th Sep 2013 00:07

I wish I had Starfish!

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Thu 26th Sep 2013 22:01

I like this Steve. What a lot of love you seem to have had!!

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Simon Marks

Tue 24th Sep 2013 17:18

Tremendous rhythm and musicality to this that just keeps you there until the end. Superb stuff.

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