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Mental Health Victims

In Pyjamas creased like discarded paper

Shuffling aimlessly in worn down slippers on flaccid feet

Come the fresh patients commited to the psychiatry machine

Eyes stare intently into space in obscure realms of fantasy


With word salad jabber so wayward and bewildered

For morning medication they agitatedly wait

Chlorpromazine drugged psychotics limbs tremoring like jelly

Heads full of voices so torturous and deluding


Bi-polar suffererers with their contrasting moods

Thoughts swaying from building babel towers to entrapment in dark catacombs

Pumped with lithium to achieve that happy medium

They rule over castles of sand till they collapse into dust


Bitter self cutters yearning for their inner pain to cease

Their misery on show in rows of pustulated scars

With cuts to their limbs a heavenly release

With a knife or razor they ease their suffering in a stream of crimson valium


Hunched and haunted baggy clothes hanging off shoulders like sacks

With skeletal and blistered fingers forever purging empty stomachs

Bulimic victims yearning for the chic size zero figure

Too frail for sustenance their wraith body wastes away

Bi-polar.mental illnessPsychiatric HospitalsPsychosis

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<Deleted User> (6895)

Sun 1st Sep 2013 12:20

very powerful,moving piece and greatly improved Dean.There but for the grace go we.xx

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Mr Dean Carroll

Sun 1st Sep 2013 05:51

This is a slight update of a previous poem called Mental Health incarceration in June of this year. It still has the first three verses, but the others have been omitted with two new verses which I think works better.

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