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Mental Health Incarceration


Mental Health Incarceration



In Pyjamas creased like discarded Paper

Shuffling aimlessly in worn down slippers

Come the fresh fodder for the Psychiatric Machine

Eyes staring intently into obscure realms of Fantasy


With word salad chatter so wayward and bewildering

For morning medication they agitatedly wait

Chlorpromazine drugged Psychotics, limbs tremoring like jelly

Heads full of voices, torturous and deluding


Bi-polar sufferers with their contrasting moods

From building Babel Towers to entrapment in dark catacombs

Pumped full of Lithium to provide that happy medium

They preside over castles of sand till they crumble to dust


Some pass the time completing incomplete jigsaws

Playing makeshift chess sets and marked up cards

Others stare blankly at the television screen

Minds devoid of substance watching weekday screened bile


Others dwell in madness with their delusions as comfort

Longing for the moment  to be released to their fantasy society

But scuppered by their insanity on a Section 3 stay

Six months of confinement at the Psychiatrists pleasure


While the fortunate few who play the game

Are released to society in minimal time

Much to he envy of the detained and insane

Who become low and despondent in this cursed domain


But bear in mind for most the day will come

When they will breathe that air of liberty to be a person again

Saing goodbye to staff and hospital friends

To strut into society with a healthy rebuilt mind

















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Mr Dean Carroll

Sun 16th Jun 2013 18:59

Many thanks for your comments Cynthia. I have written a few poems on the mental health system, and found this to be one of the most difficult to write. I have to agree that the first few verses were the most striking, but found it hard to continue it, in that vein. Thanks for your interest and will take heed of the advice.

Cheers Dean

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sun 16th Jun 2013 12:48

So much of this is really good, catching the reader's interest and empathy. IMO, it runs out of effective steam about halfway, as though the final stanzas are forced into being, becoming a personal political 'rant'. I think it is a confusion of points to be made. Perhaps it needs to be two separate poems.

Always with respect. I'm surprised no one else has responded.

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