Forbidden Love


A babe in a cradle

With soft mocha skin

Innocently sleeping

Blameless of sin


‘That babe in its cradle,

Consequence of disgrace!’

Blissfully unaware,

Prejudice yet to face


Our babe in her cradle

Result of our ‘crime’

Forbidden liaison

No reason or rhyme



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<Deleted User> (11585)

Wed 13th Nov 2013 12:44

Oh I love this.

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Thomas J Steele

Wed 30th Oct 2013 11:45

That is excellent Starfish. I was seeing every action in my mind as I was reading, so much detail with little written detail. I loved every word of every line.

C Byrne

Tue 8th Oct 2013 09:11

Thanks for the comment Starfish.

I like this one. Clear and succinct.

Made me think of

<Deleted User> (8730)

Mon 26th Aug 2013 22:11

A great book.... good poem - I don't get the meaning of rhyme on the last line....

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