never known for his subtlety

three pints in at The Anchor

half an eye still on the game

orders another lager



stands tall at the bar

and tells us all 

this changes nothing

he wouldn’t kick her out of bed



he’s no oil painting himself

never has been never will

shouts of he should be so lucky

in another life in his dreams



of the old anglo-saxon

to put us in our place 

and then the surprise

he takes a sip and asks us



the quacks went at your jewels

with a knife

to save your life

could you would you tell the world?



never known for his subtlety

three pints in at The Anchor

drinks the silence

nods and tells us



looks and more balls 

than all of us together that Lara

and then Gary orders another lager

half an eye still on the game.




Steve Pottinger. 17 May 2013

angelina jolie

◄ Give him a grid reference, for the love of god.

No means... yes, Charles? ►


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 22nd May 2013 02:32

Excellent poem - topic and development. There is so much more here than one obvious idea. Masterfully executed.

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steve pottinger

Tue 21st May 2013 14:59

Glad you liked it, Isobel.

A friend of mine has been through the same procedure, for the same reasons, so the poem has a special resonance for me.

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Mon 20th May 2013 20:48

I enjoyed this Steve. The terse style gets across the scene you are describing perfectly. I also like the humour - particularly the fact that he calls her Lara :)

Angelina is courageous - one of my sisters has gone under the knife and it's a deeply traumatic experience for any woman. It probably helps knowing that you can afford the best plastic surgeon possible afterwards - though the interim period must be hellish.

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steve pottinger

Mon 20th May 2013 14:02

Thanks very much to the Poetry24 website for publishing this last week. Check out what they do if you haven't done already!

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