Pure O

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Pure O


Light On

Light Off

Light On

Light Off

Go to the door



Switched off


Switched off

Go back to the door


Go out

Turn key

Turn away

Go back

To lock the door


Sit down

In car

Get out

To check

Locked door


Four pens

In line


Squared off

Did I Lock The Door?




By author

But did I lock the door?



Each move



Did I lock the fucking door?



To work

Turn round

Go back

The door is locked.

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<Deleted User> (6315)

Thu 25th Apr 2013 20:27

Just got to this Ian..and ohh..yeah.. Recognized the symptoms right away as similar to those I worked with. Really annoying not to be able to go out without re-checking things over..

There have been many interesting docs on this subject..I think many of us have a touch of autism (if you can have a touch that is.) But manage to control the desires it amplifies.

Good read sir..

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Laura Taylor

Thu 25th Apr 2013 12:44

Ha - good one Ian! With me it's an obsession with symmetry :)(in EVERY aspect of my life). I fought with it as a child for years, it consumed my every waking minute but I managed to get it under control thanks to immense self-will. It never really goes away though - the urges are still there. Every now and again, as a treat, I indulge myself and have half an hour or so of lovely symmetry :D

Still do the whole alphabetising thing though, and when I used to have a car that didn't lock manually, would lock and unlock it a stupid number of times!!

Just found the poem I wrote about it - it was one of the first things I put on here!


<Deleted User> (6895)

Thu 25th Apr 2013 11:21

we thank you also for the awareness Ian.
and the poem itself of course.

with well intentioned respect,
and on the humorous side,
perhaps Solar could be just the remedy
you need!

Stock up with Ambre Solaire!
(pun intended)

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 18:09

as you now know - I have to keep doing it until I'm sure it's right :-)

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Rose Casserley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 17:43

I'm wondering now Ian,that in order to make it up to you-I should place you at the front of that 'Orderly Queue? dont forget the suntan lotion!

I think we can both be allowed to laugh now!x

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 17:14

you didn;t have to remove the comment Solar - I actually laughed when I saw it :-) and it sort of highlighted the problem in a humorous and innocent way - by describing the illness I appear to have introduced a tone of admonishment which wasn't really my intention :-( all comments are valid - but thanx anyway x

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Rose Casserley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 17:08

thanks for that Ian-I shall remove my original mistaken comment,because now I dont see it as funny.I Hope that with time,and with help,you might be able to overcome the disorder.x

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 17:04

hey - it's no problem Solar m'dear - no offense taken - it's a weird afliction because you know what you're doing and you know it's stupid - but you still do it. It takes me 5 minutes from deciding to leave the house or go to bed to actually doing it - because you have to keep re-checking - and then you go back and check it again just to be sure.
I appreciate your comments as always :-)

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Rose Casserley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 16:41

thank you by the way for making me aware of the disorder-I see now what the 'O'referred to.x

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Rose Casserley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 16:36

oh dear Mr.Whiteley and oops!on my part-
along with my sincere apologies.

Most definitely no offence intended
I obviously missed the point and have no
qualms about admitting it.Sorry mate.x

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 24th Apr 2013 15:41

*ouch* Solar
if it wasn't such a pain in the ar*e it would be funny - one of the problems with this affliction is that many people don't realise it's a mental illness and most sufferers, myself included, remain in denial far too long. But I get on with it and this isn't meant to be a 'poor me' rant - i wanted to raise awareness. so MC can put away his poisoned pen right now :-)

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