the Dark Side to each other's Moon

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Ripples in the water. Forever bouncing. The transformation from Sea to Land. The water. a Constant Surge. Pulsating Tides. those Building Blocks. Keeping a foundation grounded. The motive behind the pen.


Are we all just words in a pictionary born again to have meaning? The reality I belong to is vastly different from you and yours. Our feet grope the same plains but we let our minds wander else-where. While I sit cross-legged, writing. She is up on her toes dancing. As I put my thoughts into a tangible form (into motion), she puts her thoughts on the back burner and moves throughout the storm. There is no right, there is no wrong, there is simply STOP or Go. I observe my surroundings, documenting all that I see, watching as she is propelled by the unique spirit guiding her energy on that Journey. The water continues to fall. Gravity likes us to be grounded. 


FREAKS OF NATURE. POLAR OPPOSITES, at the core, but the battlefield can cause a shift in compromise. She moves truthfully. I absorb the light and all of it's warmth. Effortless on all accounts. Never forcing the inner personality to prove itself to the world. It's almost scary how freely we move. ZERO HESITATION. She helps me realize when my vision is askew. Limiting. over-anticipated and undermined. To be or not to be. The unraveling of the hems which stitch together who I once thought of myself as. I shall be here just this once. Until the idea of me, and I how I add to the sum of life itself, reveals it's Atma. Sometimes I choose to be still, as the rest of the world becomes a constant moving funnel cloud, preparing to touch down but never actually giving in to the destiny it has attempted over and over again. 


- "the Dark Side to each other's Moon"

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