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The following poem, Doorway was published in The Outreach for Breast Health Foundation's Anthology: Beyond Memories (2006).

by, Melissa R. Mendelson

Racing ahead of hope,
fear meets me at the door
to hear the news
that I already know,
and an icy hand
holds my heart,
silencing the rapid beats
still breaking against my chest.
There were moments in time
that I feared being here
at the door
and finally facing
the enemy
that has haunted my bloodline
for years,
stealing our breaths
and threatening to take us
away from our loved ones.
I’m at the door,
and I can’t close it.
It found me,
and I can’t run.
It’s here,
and if I don’t face it,
I will lose,
leaving another statistic behind.
The door is open.
It is finally my turn,
so let it be my turn.
I am not weak!
I will survive!
Pushing aside the fear,
I embrace my hope
because this will be
just another long, dark chapter
in my life,
but it won’t be
the end of my life.
This cancer
will be nothing
but a stain
on this moment in time,
but then it will be gone
as I close the door.


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