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Laura Taylor

Mon 28th Jan 2013 09:28

Thanks again folks

Joe - I do love how people interpret poems - that's the absolute beauty of them innit?

Francine - thank you :) Yep, to me, the Look/See/Observe were MASSIVE clues, but then, I was the writer so it's obvious when you already know!

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Sun 27th Jan 2013 18:50

Love the initial mysteriousness and perception of this, Laura - though the 'Look..., See, Observe were obvious clues.
Observe was my favourite part (as well as note).

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joe kozarzewski

Sun 27th Jan 2013 09:26

Whites of her lies refers to 'don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes' which is being at war and 'her lies' could be your better self admonishing your lesser self. The tripartite thing is referring to the Christian god and you feeling like god, which we all do especially as 'artistes'. That's the way I 'interpret' your poem anyway.

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Lady Ha Ha

Thu 24th Jan 2013 18:23


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Laura Taylor

Thu 24th Jan 2013 10:11

Hehe - yeh, you got it, it's written from the perspective of a pair of eyes :D Hope you all enjoyed it - I've never written a riddle before! Great fun!

Thanks everyone for taking the time to read, puzzle, and comment ;D

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 23:19

This got us all going.If that body thing is a compo this should get the prize.

Your metaphorical figures are breezily apt forthe subject and yet mind-loose for wider interpretation. (for instance: that last stanza with its `three` `Jesus` `soul` and `confessor` got a Christaian geek like me thinking Trinitarian...I `got` the title but read it as a higher power)...You can`t legislate for some people!

You could have left that final question mark out and it would still have been fair.

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Yvonne Brunton

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 21:12

well it helps now I don't read Huami to rhyme with tsunami. Very clever Laura. The 'eyes' have it as they say.I enjoyed this. XX

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Cathy Bryant

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 20:49

You are the eyes! (I think!)

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John Aikman

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 19:29

'Take-Care Tony'. What a fab name! Sounds a bit Mafioso...but equally well could be a removals expert, or gardener, or maybe looking after your aged aunt.

I want a poem for Take-Care Tony, pronto!

: )


tony sheridan

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 19:16

Nice one Laura. Take care, Tony.

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Wed 23rd Jan 2013 16:57

Lol - and there was me thinking it was yiddish!

Your link helped - derrr - I should have clicked on it earlier!

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John Aikman

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 16:55

Initially I thought this might be a paean to a cypriot goat cheese (which I rather like) but, on reflection the eyes have it!


: )


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Laura Taylor

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 16:38

Is - say it slowly, and break up into the 3 syllables. It is a bit of a riddle, and the title is a mini-riddle in itself. It's not a real word ;)

Hu am i


It's written from the perspective of a body part.

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Wed 23rd Jan 2013 16:36

I've no idea what Huami means - tried googling it but couldnt get an answer.

I'd say the poem is about the 3 facets of a personality though, symbolised by the holy trinity. Or maybe it's the other way round. It would help to know the meaning of the title :)

It's a fascinating read cos it's so different. My favourite line is the one Greg's highlighted.

Perhaps Huami means enigma - which is the note you end on?

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Laura Taylor

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 16:35

Thanks you two :)

Shoeless - maybe this will give you a clue...


Greg - no, definitely not a ranter this one :D Cheers - got a bit carried away with it and it turned into a riddle within a riddle in the end! Really enjoyed writing it :)

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Greg Freeman

Wed 23rd Jan 2013 15:52

Beautifully crafted, Laura, I'd say. (Can't imagine you ranting this one on stage!) Particularly enjoyed "the whites of her lies". Good prompt, and a striking poem.

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Wed 23rd Jan 2013 15:33

I dont think I have much idea what this is really about, but it feels lovely on my tongue and is beautiful to look at.

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