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(A lesson for women)

Enter St. John's Market

15:30 hours.

Locate shop-

walk up to shoe rack-

choose shoes-

pay at till-

Exit St John's Market

15:37 hours...

NEXT WEEK: How to 'Tell a Joke'


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Fri 11th Jan 2013 11:37

Now Laura give him his due- they are always more likely to laugh at your shoes than your jokes. This made me laugh- I look forward to knowing how to tell a joke Tommy x

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Laura Taylor

Wed 9th Jan 2013 11:36

Watch yer mouth Tommy! You've not been shopping with me yet. I'm in and out so fast you don't see my feet move. Actually - I only buy shoes when my last pair are beyond further repair. Work shoes usually last me about 5 years, and me steelies are indestructible.

Idea for next poem:

How To Generalise About Women and Insult Them at the Same Time


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Mon 7th Jan 2013 08:05

Ha - you so don't understand the joys of buying a pair of shoes. It's quite an exciting jaunt that entails looking in every shop to make sure you've got the right pair - unless you're impulse buying of course!

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 6th Jan 2013 23:36

Ah, only a stone's throw from Doncaster then. (via interballistic missile, that is.)
I love the gentle jibe at women's shopping habits but maybe that's 'cos I rarely buy shoes - my cupboards are already full of the things and I'm fed up with Imelda texting me to borrow another pair!

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 6th Jan 2013 23:27

Liverpool town center Yvonne. :o)

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Yvonne Brunton

Sun 6th Jan 2013 23:23

The only fly in this ointment that I can see, Tommy, is locating St John's Market.

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