a space in my apartment

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There are no crumbs; no bed to trace

Where your body once rested


There is a space in my apartment.


My yoga mat sits in the corner; lonely

Like a sheep on barren land


The walls weep: missing your dangly feet

And your outstretched hands.


Floor free of clutter, and you, uttering those words

You’re snoring again!


Your voice singing the blues; lingers,

Like the towel you left draped

over the living room door


There is a space in my apartment.


No one to pour me tea, two lumps

Half a cup

Bathroom turned back to normal - No water to mop up.


My sides no longer ache; from sillies and laughter

Your recitals’ of dreams and of happy ever after


There is a space in my apartment.


By Belinda Johnston






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Gus Jonsson

Sun 11th Jan 2009 15:14

Hi Belinda
Superdooperini... your best yet....in my opinion

Well Done

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Tim Linton

Sun 11th Jan 2009 13:48

reminds me a it of the song 'hello walls' by willy nelson'. Really like this poem.

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Belinda Johnston

Sun 11th Jan 2009 13:26

Dear Anthony, Janet, and Nabila,

Thank you so much for your feedback on my poem, it really was written from the heart, and your comments have brought from poem alive and leaping from the page, thank you again, I treasure your comments.

Love Belinda


Sun 11th Jan 2009 13:09

Hi Belinda,
I enjoyed reading this too.
Really felt the emptiness and yet somehow the peace is there too.
Love and light to you, Janet.x

<Deleted User>

Sun 11th Jan 2009 12:49

Wow this is really good - when human emotions are touched through a poem , it is well written!


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Anthony Emmerson

Sun 11th Jan 2009 11:46

Hi Belinda.
I enjoyed this very much. It vividly demonstrates the sense of loss found in the everyday.

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Belinda Johnston

Sun 11th Jan 2009 10:52

Hi Alison,

Thank you so much for your comments, it's really means alot. I wanted to convey the emotion I felt when my sister left after visiting me from the UK, and how I felt when she left.

Thank you for taking the time to read my poem.

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Alison Mary Dunn

Sun 11th Jan 2009 10:25

Hi Belinda, your poem is filled with that empty feeling you get in the absence of someone. I really felt that. It's real because you remember the annoying things as well as the good. It's the whole person you miss, faults and all. I really enjoyed this..

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