The Sky at Night

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The sky at night’s

a little darker now,

a hole in fabric

no-one else can fill;

for it was never the answers

but the questions,

never the stars

but the brightness of those eyes,

extinguished now.


And I’d like to think you’re out there somewhere

finding all the answers

the truth and nothing but the truth

the questions we never asked;

free falling through space

as we watch the sky at night

earthbound and ignorant

pin pricked ephemera

to this allotted place in time.



R.I.P.   Patrick Moore  1923 - 2012




Patrick Moore

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David Blake

Wed 6th Feb 2013 19:26

Brilliant tribute Isobel. Really enjoyed reading this.

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Tom Harding

Fri 11th Jan 2013 19:00

Isobel, lovely tribute. I like how you open it up to the universal in the last verse, the last four lines are lovely.

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Sun 6th Jan 2013 04:18

I don't know anything of Patrick but your well appointed tribute will have me researching and delving into his life work. Thank you for sharing your heart and mind as well as introducing me to this distinguished person. Cheers.

tony sheridan

Wed 2nd Jan 2013 19:58

Hi Isobel. Patrick made me look up and wonder. Great tribute. Take care, Tony.

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Ged Thompson

Sun 23rd Dec 2012 02:03

I really like this it reminds me of a quote I love

“Perhaps they are not stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”

Its very comforting as is your poem XXXXXX

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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 13th Dec 2012 13:03

A fiiting eulogy for one of our great eccentrics. Sir Patrick was obviously passionate about his subject and although he always saw himself as an "amateur" astronomer contributed greatly to the sum of cosmic knowledge; his moon maps were used by N.A.S.A. for the moon landings. His other loves were music and cricket. There is tragedy in his history too; his only love was killed in one of the blitz air raids; he would never have another relationship after this. He has been called a racist by some:

but perhaps "nationalist" would be nearer the mark. I always enjoyed his sense of fun and the ability to send himself up; showing a great enthusiasm for the many impressions and parodies of himself by various comedians.

I would like to think that something up there might be named after him in recognition of all he contributed. It says a lot that that his programme ran for so many years; an unrivalled feat, and despite this success there never seemed to be a hint of ego; many in the media could learn from that.

I'm glad I'm not the only one to feel sad at his passing - but what a legacy. Well done Isobel.


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Julian (Admin)

Thu 13th Dec 2012 11:21

Come with us now on a journey to Uranus...
Round the Horne, circa 1960.

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Thu 13th Dec 2012 07:50

Thanks Ann - that was a lovely link - and I'm struck by how like Churchill he looked - what a big suit!

Thanks Francine and Jane, for sharing those wonderful experiences. He was a legend. I'm just crossing my fingers and hoping no-one crawls out of the woodwork to tell me he was a paedophile. I think the pope will be one before we know it!

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Ann Foxglove

Thu 13th Dec 2012 07:12

Or there's this of course - the theme tune. I too remember The Sky at Night in the old black and white tv days - staying up to watch it with my dad. I saw Patrick Moore do his talk at Truro about 10+ years ago - and he played the zylophone too :)

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jane wilcock

Wed 12th Dec 2012 08:45

I have been/am very influenced by Patrick Moore and have been to his talk at Bolton twice, Currently if you get up a hill on a starry morning about 30 min before unrise,about7am, and look to the SE where the sun will rise you can see small faint Mercury at the horizon, above bright Venus and above that Saturn all in a line: then turn opp and Jupiter is bright, 4 planets in one sky!
The poem is great: hes left a black hole and Patrick may be uncovering some of the answers!

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Wed 12th Dec 2012 05:02

A wonderful tribute.
I had no idea who he was until Julian mentioned him and I looked him up.
Sounds like he was a nice man who shared his interests and passion for astronomy with a grateful and welcoming audience!

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Tue 11th Dec 2012 21:49

I listened to the children at our school sing Take That's 'Rule the World' earlier this week and found myself getting quite emotional. Patrick Moore reminds me very much of my childhood, black and white TVs and the wonder at space. The song could have been written for him so I'm adding the link - not sure if it will work. School children are a lot better at singing it but there weren't any choirs on

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