One Fine Gentleman


One Fine Gentleman!


I am not there yet,

Not by far a glance to carry me through,

Will I make it there I wonder;

As icons pass away too late for I to give gratitude,

     Such elderly are taken for granted

As we pass them by on streets now bitter

With frustrations and anger,

And they seem more lost than

Our youthful onlookers who only wonder

What life was like before,

Before technology inspired the latest gadgets

They crave.


I imagine myself on a lone ship carrying

Refugees of our planet to a far out galaxy,

There to live within the paradise -

This planet lost,

And I’m looking to the stars now

As fleeting chances flash by

In meteor showers,

And once again I am in awe

At our solemn place within this universe,

As it stands, as it stands today.


Icons are moving on,

Moving far away and when the time comes

For I to pass by and say goodbye,

What will I leave on Earth?

    Some bitter ramblings -

With bitter more my damaged prayers?

Yet, my sons and daughters

May miss that which once

Inspired the child of yesterday;

My generation who

Looked to the stars with pride

At who we are and pride

For those who taught more

Than we shall ever really know

Within this universe.


Icons are moving on

And leaving me behind

To quarrel my selfish ways,

     But do they know the tears

That fall as they move the boundaries

Of their existence past this threshold

Unto other worlds,

Do they know how loved they are?


An elderly gent,

Not just a gent,

But a gentle man

A gentleman!

Gave me a universe of worlds

And possibilities and I took

It all for granted without realizing

That which spoke more volumes

Than any new found stars,

That which lacking now

See’s me breaking down in tears,

That which for years - Golden Opportunities

Lay squandered by distractions of modern norms

And bad behaviours of the mind,

That which could finally reveal the universe

That each of us try so desperately

To find,

    That, passion!

More than just obsession,

More than just a Gentleman

With a fix upon a distant place,

He was a God to me

Within my infancy

And now he has gone,

I feel as if the stars have been snuffled

Out and pinched by

Acknowledging what’s lacking

Deep within my own sad humble ways;

Passion, imagination and commitment –


     I know inside of me,

He’ll be there with Lotty,

Peering across the deep blue seas

Of Space in a time outside this place

And what he’ll know and what he’ll


     Is for the teachers of this world

To recognise what’s lacking now –

To dig deep within themselves

And in-vigour those whose imaginations –

Whose minds are going blank;

     Our children,

Teach them of our other worlds

And see the reflections of beings come alive,

See the twinkle in their eyes as they

Look towards the stars,

And know the passion

Of this gentleman

     Has not ceased upon his passing,

But is harnessed in these generations

Who will one day,

Travel to where he was all along,

Where he truly belonged;-

The Heavens.


Michael J Waite 11th December 2012.


Sir Patrick Moore

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 14th Dec 2012 15:58

A tribute so rooted in admiration and affection that the Man himself would surely find himself blinking heavenwards.
He created his own universe here on Earth for
the rest of us to share and enjoy and that legacy will live on.

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Julian (Admin)

Tue 11th Dec 2012 16:09

This is quite a tribute and a great, well, it seems almost a lyrical stream of consciousness piece really.
I find it amusing that he wore a monocle and looked through telescopes. is there a monocular connection do you think?
And, sorry to bang the same drum, but he was not a trained astronomer, no degree nor nowt but self-taught, like so many of us on here.

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Tue 11th Dec 2012 08:15

I'm glad someone did something for the passing of Patrick Moore. I think you've captured his essence well. It was the sense of wonder he instilled. His hyper intelligence just shone out of him - in a non condescending way.

What a fitting tribute Mike!

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