Sky Garden

He was of a kind that’s highly individual

and his feet were barely felt upon the earth;

not exactly selfless but so spiritual

though he hadn’t followed Jesus since Rebirth


as an Astral Avatar known as Sky Garden -

which hadn’t pleased his parents very much;

they’d have rather he remained their little Gordon

but while he tried to find himself they kept in touch.


At a party you could find him sat cross-legged

in a corner with his hands and knees just so,

and in case you hadn’t noticed where his head is

he’d hum a little mantra so’s you’d know.


He would often stay for days in that position

until the flies were caught as cobwebs formed;

people roused him but he didn’t seem to listen,

only uttering an intermittent Om.


At home his favourite reading was The Hobbit,

which he found such an effort to convey

so a book by Hermann Hesse sat in his pocket

that he’d produce when opportune, as if to say


I’m a seeker after esoteric knowledge

with a well-developed sense of the divine

who’s grown weary of the usual youthful follies

and is contemplating other states of mind.


No, I do not fit the middle-class straitjacket

and cannot be constrained by human hands -

he seemed to speak in capitals and brackets

(to show he’s one who Truly Understands).


I hadn’t seen the little shit for ages,

come Election time he’s opening our gate;

recognition dawned on me in stages –

from mahatma to the Tory candidate


eager to cut red tape and regulation

and remove all obligation from The Boss,

restore Faith and God throughout the nation.

I told him where I’d like to stick my cross.


From nirvana to the law of the jungle;

accomplishments forever on exhibit,

striving to be cock of the meanest dunghill:

the worship of the competitive spirit.

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Sun 11th Nov 2012 21:55

I'd agree with Dave Carr about the last verse Sid. It finishes in an abrupt way - I'm sure you could do something to improve it and round it off better.

For me, you would have to keep the line.

"I told him where I'd like to stick my cross"

It would be interesting to catch up with some of the great idealists of my youth and see just where they were working and what they were doing right now. I bet a good proportion of them haven't been true to their younger principles.

Very witty :)

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 11th Nov 2012 14:32


Witty, satirical, and `runs` impressively.

and lots of almost perfect rhyming.

Look forward to your future ones.

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Ray Miller

Thu 8th Nov 2012 14:31

Thanks, fellas.
I dunno, Greg, whatever did happen to Augusta Darling? I know Wendy Darling. She has lots of nice houses.
I'm not that keen on the last 3 verses to be honest, Dave. I must use the last verse because I like the jungle/dunghill rhyme, but I need to rework it somehow.

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Dave Carr

Thu 8th Nov 2012 14:04

I love the capitals and brackets lines.
Also the next verse is brilliant.
The last verse is my least favourite.
I think the poem would stand up without it.
(IMO ha ha)
But let that not detract...

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Greg Freeman

Thu 8th Nov 2012 10:35

Enjoyed the journey this took, Sid, and a very credible one it was, too. Your poetic style is confident and assured. Which reminds me, apropos of almost nothing ... whatever happened to Augusta Darling?

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