The nits are back !

Half term is over we nits are back,

Planning together how best to attack.

Ready to crawl from head to head,

On teachers,children and inspectors from  Ofsted.

We have six legs each with a claw at the end,

We feed on blood and round schools panic  send.


We love thick hair whether dirty or clean,

For attacking us with nit combs,we think humans are mean !

I was once caught on sticky tape and shown to a G.P.

But managed to escape and quickly crawl free.

We cannot fly,jump or swim  but we love to share,

We lay our eggs and cement them to kids dark and fair.

We only reside on humans and are easy to please,

Never on dogs, we absolutely hate their fleas !


Half term is over and we are after a treat,

New heads to crawl over ,fresh children to meet.




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Thu 14th Feb 2013 11:51

I'd disagree there. It's easy to get rid of them, particularly if you have someone willing to go through your head with a nit comb for a couple of days. There is absolutely no need to go buying these expensive chemical lotions either.

The difficulty comes in staying without them if you are mixing with people who have them. Hence you have to be vigilant at all times if you are mixing with kids :)

<Deleted User> (10893)

Wed 13th Feb 2013 23:26

Its very hard to get rid of head lices. I tried many things on my head including egg and oils. but, after sometime they grow up and. Finally, I bought a book named as "" and it works for me.

According to me if you want to get rid of head lices you have to get bald or use few methods from this book. :)

tony sheridan

Wed 7th Nov 2012 20:31

Good one! In my youth, we called her "Nitty Nora...the bug explorer!" Take care, Tony.

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Mon 5th Nov 2012 22:16

Heh heh - I'm a teaching assistant - are you pulling rank? By no means do I want to teach a teacher to suck eggs, or nits as the case maybe :) Yes - there is a lot to be said for bashing stuff out quickly - sometimes you lose the spontaneity when you work them over too much - and where's the fun in that :)

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Mon 5th Nov 2012 21:29

Glad you enjoyed my topical verse,
Shame they got rid of that lovely nit nurse.
As a teacher "nits" was a term we generally used,
To describe eggs and insects when a child's hair was abused.
Lice do crawl and the eggs they do lay,
But "nits" in a poetic licence is more effective to say.
This verse took me only an hour to construct,
Love writing them quickly as my brain does instruct.

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Mon 5th Nov 2012 15:59

I'm loving the nit theme Hugh. Having just had to purge my youngest of a nit attack, it's something I can identify with :)

I think you could work on this poem to make it smoother though. It needs going over with the equivelant of a syllable nit comb :)

Also - I need to pick you up on a technical point. The nit is the egg. The live crawler is a louse or lice in plural.

I've had a twiddle with the first couple of lines so you get what I mean.

Half term is over and we lice are back
Planning together how best to attack
Spreading our mischief from each head to head
To teachers and kids and nit wits from Ofsted

I was trying to keep it to 10 syllables each line to give it a more regular beat. I'm one over in the last line but I think it sounds ok.

I hope you don't mind me saying. I wouldn't bother if I didn't like what you are doing.

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