A contented nit

I am a nit and I live in a teacher's head,

I go with her everywhere,I even sleep in her bed.

I'm a tiny insect just a couple of mills long,

Her scalp is so clean and I'm so proud to belong.

I lay my eggs in her hair sometimes making her scratch,

I once lived in her boyfriend's head but he was no match.

His hair was really thin and his brill cream didn't taste  nice,

And whatsmore,I didn't get on very well with the other head lice.

I love my home the view is just great,

But her nitty gritty head comb I positively hate.

When she uses that my eggs and I are in fear,

I run down her neck and hide behind her ear.

I love my teacher she's my best friend,

And to the kids in her class my mates I do send.


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Sun 4th Nov 2012 20:11

Funny, but ewww...

If you haven't - you should send it in for the Poet-Tree!


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Sun 4th Nov 2012 11:17

Yuk yuk yuk! I love the idea of the teacher being the source of all nits - the turning on the head of conventional thought :))

Very funny. Did you write this for the school poetry tree?

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