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the farmer and the carrion bird

The Farmer and The carrion bird

Here hops the carrion bird
This field of ice,
his killing ground.
Greenery capped,
By mid winter.
A Hard ground hacked
By blunted beak
He, the natural persistent
When prey is frozen
And in this moment
I see him
For the first time, close up

Seems hunger tempers the timid
Makes a furtive eye
The livid rage of frustration
I hold a palmed hand of rye
Yet not tame enough
To try me

You, yourself
An obvious target
All black and ruffled
On white rolling fields
I could pick you off
The spread of a shotgun
Lest I want more substantial fare
For I as the farmer
Have the same prayers
Waiting to be answered

Such similarities in enemy
Such as you and I
Yet conscious sets a division
As evolution tries to try
To evolve
Heres to springs sprightly legs
and my sparing of ornathology
Heres to the end of the dregs
Of the undergrowth
I only hope the ice melts soon
For hell be the day
We die

And I know for sure, if I keel

Hopping mad in starving
My dying dependants
My quiet desperation
my socket shall be bone
Where once
Rolled My forgiving eye

For I could have shot you years ago.

Heres to my sympathy
My god given empathy
For living things
Heres to your veracity
Your pre programmed apparent insanity
As you peck me to pieces

Dead in this field.

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Pete Crompton

Sun 4th Jan 2009 15:10

Hi Janet
my word came out wrong I did not mean to imply you didnt know it was not about me ! LOL thats language my mistake poppet

<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 4th Jan 2009 13:57

thanks Pete, i did realize it isn't about you this time or indeed any one person in particular.
That's what i like about it amongst other things.
As you know, all readers will "see" and "take" from any poem the things they can relate to or below the surface.
There's hidden depth to much of your work and i particularly enjoy your comparisons between the animals/birds and human nature aspect.

Love, light and peace to you for 2009,

Pete Crompton

Sun 4th Jan 2009 13:37

first of all, a Happy New Year to you sweetie popple xxx.

I am very touched that you take time to read and comment on peoples work. I'm especially pleased that you have chose this poem. In the up and down times of being creative, im sure that you know how difficult it can be to get a feeling across sometimes. You have to take that concentrated feeling and expand it, not too much, not too little but enough to convey the ideas, images and feeling. Its easy to became stuck into our own niche, for example my rant poetry, or even my getting old poetry.

It is very much like the experts have taught us in group sessions or by tutorials, poetry whilst can be a vehicle for our own catharsis, the real stuff comes from outside, or at least enough to get away from ones self and let the outer world in.

I hope i'm making sense.

the 'carrion bird' he is out there, as is the farmer, its not about me this time Janet.

<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 4th Jan 2009 13:05

Hi Pete,
i love these comparable poems of yours and this one is particularly good. With the title very tongue in cheek.
Happy new year to you.

Pete Crompton

Sat 3rd Jan 2009 19:20

it was inspired by a journey to Carlisle (settle carlisle railway)

the ravenesque birds were getting quite tame to the farmer

the farmers life (at least from the carriage window) seemed meagre somehow, its so cold out there

i try and write what I like to read

thanks CJD and Carole

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Sat 3rd Jan 2009 17:11

i cant say why , but i really do like this pete i keep reading it again

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Chris Dawson

Sat 3rd Jan 2009 00:05

lol - it's me 'eavenly light!

Pete Crompton

Sat 3rd Jan 2009 00:04

hello there CJD
I see the colours have found you


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Chris Dawson

Fri 2nd Jan 2009 23:57

Very Poe-like - Edgar Allen that is.

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