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Anthony Emmerson

Thu 18th Oct 2012 12:09

Do experimental poets have minds? (Needle in a haystack maybe?) :)
I freely admit to being a lifetime honorary member of the "Box of Frogs" club. After all, sanity is just a word used by those who don't acknowledge their madness . . .

Haikuists? Isn't that standing in line for the lift at the top of Blackpool Tower?

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Wed 17th Oct 2012 17:02

Ranters - they'd have to be in a category of their own. I know someone who studied Hitler's speeches for style...

Yes Shirley - I'd agree with you - I daresay writing poetry is a great outlet for many people who would otherwise go quite bonkers. A pen or a keyboard is never going to harm anyone - and will probably cost a lot less than a therapist's sofa!

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Shirley Smothers

Wed 17th Oct 2012 16:57

Mental illness. In my case maybe.
One thing I have to say is poetry
helps me from going completely bonkers.
I like "haikuists," I like to challenge
my self to write good ones.

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Wed 17th Oct 2012 14:05

Perhaps someone should do some research on the minds of traditional poets compared to the minds of experimental poets? :)

We could probably categorise poets into all kind of sub divisions; feelers, minimalists, jokers, haikuists

posted that prematurely - but I'm sure someone could help me out with more...

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