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Empty Boxes

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We are on the run in to Christmas time

The time for kids to be overindulged

Credit companies dance with glee

Leaving us all in debt, at least until Easter

Credit crunch or no, we are in a ‘must have culture’

Are we praying to the God of Sales?

Or to that other guy, you know the one

We sing Carols about him, aaaagh!

“Jesus, I wish I could remember his name”


Mounds of gifts fill the room

Bright coloured rappings that causes migraines

Box after box filled with things that beep

All wrappings ripped off until carpet disappears

Every battery rammed home, switches turned on

No sleep for Granddad, sat down after Christmas lunch

Scowling, ruddy faced, belt released another notch

Is it all done so kids will smile, sing your praises

Or to the birth of that other guy, “Christ! I’ve forgotten his name”


The turkey’s digested, packaging re-cycled, first toy broken

It’s two days after Christmas and we get “I’m bored”

Expensive toy stuffed at the back of the cupboard

Remember dressing up boxes, you became a princess, a wise-man

Remember turning empty boxes into a racing car, a rocket to the moon

Remember when parents and children had to entertain themselves

When all the out-laws and in-laws gathered around two dining tables

When we went to church on Christmas Day, celebrated Christ’s birthday

When Jesus Christ did not define a swear word, but heavenly peace


© Phil Golding 12/08


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<Deleted User> (5646)

Sun 14th Dec 2008 20:42

Hi Phil,
i really liked your poem.
Yes i do remember playing in the empty boxes instead of with the expensive gifts they came in.
My siblings lot still do it every year.

Believe it ir not, i've even been to the Christmas eve midnight service, (sober) at my local church for the last few years. Hope to make this years too.

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