GOLDEN BOY - a memory of schooldays hero-worship

O sun tanned youth

Who fired my heart,

Never meant to meet or part,

How many times you'd pass me by,

And leave me wishing I could die.


O brown faced lad

Were you aware

Of this admirer's silent stare?

Were there times when you were near

To saying something I might hear?


O golden boy

Now old like me,

Do you perhaps look back and see

A wide-eyed look from long ago,

And wish just once you'd said  hello?



◄ RICHIE BENAUD - on his retirement to Australia

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 15th Jun 2012 01:48

JFK - that embraces the mood in fine style. Novelists of yesteryear wrote of such things in ways that would be seen now as quaint or perhaps as bland precursers to modern gay literature. Not quite the same thing...those glad, sad fleeting days of impressionable adolescence.

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John F Keane

Thu 14th Jun 2012 20:59

And there were woodland hollows of green lawn
Where boys with windy hair and wine-wet lips
Danced on the sun-splashed grass; and hills of dawn
That looked out seaward to the distant ships.

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