Giving (Stockport WoL Collage Poem)

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Pulse to pulse, drowning in feathers

Swept by tides of love all moonful midnight,

In the sea and sand having

A pint and potatoes with no salt,


Love is sweet whilst it travels

Close to each other and nature

Together we share time

And time in turn shares us


The pain of recognition bites

Like the rail tracks turning, turning…


Streaks of light and shadow, smell of smoke

Pulse to pulse as the lightning crashes in from the West


Drowning in wool.


Stockport WOL

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Nigel Astell

Tue 12th Jun 2012 15:10

The Scroll Of Learning

A slip of paper
Passed around the group
Folded neatly after writing
Single line of thought.

When unravelled into many
The scroll of learning
Is absorbed into poetry
To read as one.

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Harry O'Neill

Sun 10th Jun 2012 15:26

That second stanza takes some believing!

(Have you looked in the corners for some dead poet`s bones?)

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John F Keane

Fri 8th Jun 2012 11:07

I only tinker with minor details like the punctuation. The content of the original lines (and their order on the page) is always maintained.

The horse relates to the Dadaist art movement, who used collage a lot. In fact, Dada means 'hobby-horse'.

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Julian (Admin)

Fri 8th Jun 2012 10:20

In the second half of each Stockport Write Out Loud, John Keane, the coordinator, passes round a piece of paper on which everyone writes a line based on what's happened or what they've heard. Each folds the paper so their line can't be seen by the next, and passes it on. It's then unfolded to reveal the whole poem. Bizarrely, it works every time, though I think John does tinker slightly sometimes. John?
Stockport Write Out Loud is run within the art gallery surrounded by paintings, sculptures or photos or whatever is the latest exhibition. Cool, eh? Not sure if that's a self-portrait. Again, John?
Ah, I get it. It's a horse designed by a committee, like the poem. But this does not produce a camel, but a horse. clever.

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Ann Foxglove

Fri 8th Jun 2012 09:33

Um, I like this. Lovely language. (What is the WOL Stockport Collage thing about? I expect I should know.) An interesting illustration too - could be out of George Stubb's sketchbook!

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