Trev's Texas Tour 2012 (The journey out)

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3.4.12: This is it departure day all poems

written on the journey out:

Image: A barge on the Mississippi at Memphis


15) Taxi arrived on time, perfect start to this rhyme

To the airport we made our way,

Neath skies of leaden grey

There's a cold wind blowing,

At least not like Scotland where it's snowing

Where it may develop into a blizzard feeling the wrath of the Snow Wizzard

Luggage checked out but not as planned, only two boarding passes in my hand

Pick the third up on the way, at Amsterdam, no dismay

Through customs as was expected, nothing unusual was detected

So now to my delight, breakfast before the first flight


16) Went for breakfast looked a good menu, so I went and joined the queue

Bur we moved at the speed of a snail, "this is no good" someone did bewail

And their face did further fall, cos' at times we didn't move at all

It seemed the server couldn't cut the cloth, moving at the speed of a striking sloth

What was ready made us feel down, no mushrooms, beans or hash brown

No sign of the queue abating I'd had enough of waiting

Peckishness growing stronger, that's it I'll wait no longer 

Another outlet was espied, my stomach soon satisfied.


17) Plane boarded, with safety instructions lauded

What to do in the event of a crash, so we don't make a hash

Taxi to the runways end await the all clear, then take off nothing to fear

Extra thrust is a must

Upwards we go, runway dissapearing below

Upwards climbing high, into the still leaden grey sky

Now flying level on the journeys stage one

My new American adventure has just begun


18) First stage done, Amsterdam in the late morning sun

Altered the time to the Netherlands clime

At the the transfer desk I did expect my final boarding pas to collect

It wasn't ready but no need for terror it's the fault of a system error

But they said I can expect it to be in Memphis when I collect

My suitcase after what seems an age, ready for the flights final stage


19) Again nothing to fear, through the customs I'm clear

Watching planes take off for a far away land, watching others come in to land

Watching staff take provisions on board, the plane where they'll be safely stored

In the depatrure lounge waiting there, Muslim passenger at prayer

At the customs still a queue, more passengers coming through

But I'll be glad when the time's right, to board the plane for the final flight


20) Flight and cabin crews gone past, now it's time to board at last

From the tannoy we'd learn, we would all board in turn

They have a plan it's said to be better, so carry it out to the letter

First them that can't move fast, then Business Class, Sky Priority, Ecomomy comes last

So sublime, a zone at a time

But all we really care about, is being on board when we fly out


21) All boarded every thing right, ready for over a 9 hour flight

Twenty past two and we'll be heading for heaven, in Austin it'll be twenty past seven

Day dawning on a hot Texas morning

But first to Memphis nice and steady, hope they've got my final boarding pass ready


22) In flight entertainment not workingm is it once more gremlins working

Is it an annual blip, cos' it happened last year on a similar trip

The screen lit up but all in vain, soon it went blank again

But I can read, write, sleep, whatever  I chose

On the way to the land of the Delta Blues


23) The UK we're now beyond, looking down over the pond

Looking down over a deep blue sea, and clouds as far as I can see

While on the plane can be seen, Sherlock Holmes on the movie screen

Plug in the earphones for the sound,

He's talking to a serving wench, hang on it's all in French

Change the channel button at hand, now a language I understand

But now oh cripes!someones playing bagpipes

Now it's showing a wedding as we fly on a Westward heading


24) Film done, now onscreen, where we're heading, where we've been

How high we are and where, the temprature of the outside air

What is our current ground speed and a headwind we don't need

And waht we really need to know, how long it is we have to go

(6.5 hours at the time of writing this)


25) Second film on the go, A week with Marylin Monroe

Greenland to the North far behind, film over and now we find

We're over Canada and on our way, past Happy Valley and Goose Bay

Where it's cold and with good reason, still ice in the bay at this time of the season

But hopefully in four hours time, we'll touch down in a warmer clime

Then the guy from economy class can get his thirs boarding pass


26) Everything in order, we crossed the Canadian border

Now I am, over the land of Uncle Sam

Through the clouds looking down over plain, forrest and town

Now no headwind at a rush, but tailwind giving a gentle push

Should arrive in Memphis to take stock shortly after five-o-clock

A wait before I'm Austin bound, but will be glad to be on solid ground


27) The first attempt to land was in vain, turbulence sent us round again

Second time we got it right, the end of my second flight

Then immigration nothing to fear, paperwork ready to clear

Suitcase arrived alright, then away for the final flight

My boarding pass to collect then say, "Hello again USA"


28) Im Memphis it's night, my final flight

Boarding pas sorted but almost thwarted

Another hitch as there was a glitch

Now I'm on board, my luggage stored

Just get me to the end of my trip, Austin, my motel and a good nights kip

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