Wot I did at Night School

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Slim Slam Snigger Snogger

Nif naf noo

Ack gack piddle poddle

Bink Pleen Grue


this here’s an pome,

o can’t you see,

an pome wot woz

writ by me.            

it should’ve been

an flowerpot,

but that is clearly

wot it’s not.

my spelling tests

I didn’t pass ---

I thought the sign said

‘pottery class’

nonsense comp

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<Deleted User> (10123)

Fri 16th Mar 2012 00:35

It did John, what do you think you is doin' writing this enjoyment stuff. Go to the back of the class and hand out the rulers. Take ten lines and bring them back when you finished with them.
Like this 'flowerpot' verse.
Ta much, Nick.

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Yvonne Brunton

Thu 15th Mar 2012 23:36

Went in my wellies with my dibber and trowel to a knees up in a pub once. Couldn't understand why everybody else was in their best bib and tucker... could have sworn the invitation said a weeding reception!!
Love this jolly little ditty - love your wavelength ( so to speak ) xx

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John Embley

Thu 15th Mar 2012 21:45

A comp which is finally on my present senile wavelength ....

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