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Tracing Their Footsteps


Respecting somebody takes time 
for disappointment follows their every step 
as we watch them accomplish  
what we dream of doing 
and admire their achievements, 
which fuel our own desire to be like them.  
We long to stand right beside them 
and show our respect and admiration 
for who they are 
and what they’ve done, 
turning our backs 
on the disappointment 
that failed to prove that our icons were nothing. 
We drink from the cup of fame 
and taste a dream 
we wish to live. 
Tracing Their Footprints
(For the Oscars)
by, Melissa R. Mendelson


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<Deleted User> (4235)

Mon 27th Feb 2012 23:00

Winner or loser, we still dream, and we still live. :)

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M.C. Newberry

Sat 25th Feb 2012 14:28

I go with Dave on this. But with a coda:
There is no glory being a winner if there is
no competition to speak of. Sadly, the Yanks
have earned a reputation for the belief that coming second is nowhere. How sad and how
The lines above approach the conundrum with
thought and an inherent question about the
meaning of "winner".

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Dave D Poet Rhumour

Sat 25th Feb 2012 01:41

Hmm - thoughtful lines. Recognition of skills and talents starts perhaps when we are awe struck children finding much about us to be praised.

I guess the biggest disappointment must be held in empty hands by those who are nominated repeatedly but never win the coveted Oscar...

Best wishes, Dave

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