In The Shadow Of Wings

In The Shadow Of Wings


No longer held no longer bound,

No longer fettered by the chains,

In grace released upon wind,

When naught but sea and sky remains.


Where chains are forged by earthbound souls,

Though free from malice hard like stone,

The cording knot shall steal the breath,

And non but angels may atone.


So in the closing of my eyes,

Pass me then into life and birth,

From towering cliff to seek my way,

To own my wit and own my worth.


To soar above a cluttered world,

To test the storm and know the wave,

To look to what I never was,

A white winged shadow on my grave.


Some life to have when I am gone,

Whatever spirit follows through,

To wander like an ageless gull,

A blazing path to what is true.


For what are we, what do we know,

When chains confine the day and hour,

The bankers watch our every move,

And mice-like men have little power.


So give me wings and set me free,

To fly the confines of this jail,

As hope confounds we mount the cross,

And life drives in another nail.


So own the whirlwind bless the rain,

Take flight upon the wings of storm,

Embrace each raging icy blast,

And honour life in every form.


It may not come, I may not know,

For none of all return to tell,

But heaven needs the flight of souls,

To crush the vanities of hell.




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M.C. Newberry

Mon 6th Feb 2012 20:45

Another pleasure from this contributor. Craft
and imagination in equally enjoyable measure.
"As hope confounds we mount the cross,
And life drives in another nail"..this is really excellent stuff.

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