A glamorous ghostlike goddess, clad in glimmering garish green,

You swirl soft skirts of silk across the sullen Northern sky.

Your festive flashes frolic to festoon the starlit scene.

Aurora Borealis, you blaze brightly from on high.


So silent as you circle, scintillate and swiftly swirl,

Hoist high on the horizon, nature's necklace of the night.

Gyrating gem-like jewel, you're an esoteric girl

Of mystical magnificence, a surreptitious sight.


Ephemeral and elegant, so fleetly flitting by,

Fair physical phenomenon, you transitory track.

We glimpse you, gracious genie, till you flicker, fade and die,

A twinkling transient tincture in the woeful winter's black.


Fluorescent finest filigree, you flick fine fronds of fire,

Your iridescent ions streaming space-bound from the sun.

You dance, a dazzling diva, as you spiral higher and higher,

Then disappear in daybreak as the dawn demands: Begone.

◄ New Year’s Day on Brighton Pier

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Harry O'Neill

Thu 26th Jan 2012 23:22

Apt and effective use of alliteration which enhances the beauty of the poem.

Also: this actually works without a picture.


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C Richard Miles

Wed 25th Jan 2012 23:05

Only saw it on the Internet & News, I'm afraid. Too much light pollution in London! But I have my imagination!

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John Coopey

Wed 25th Jan 2012 22:00

Did you see it, CRM?
I like the image of the dancing diva, spiralling higher and higher.

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