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  1. I am smarter than all but it’s not noticeable.
  2. Want someone who wants me.
  3. Hippopotamus – there are so many nice sounds.
  4. Under the coat was a goat.
  5. It was sunny and funny in bed with my dearest lad.
  6. Control shot has changed a lot.
  7. A sad glance. Are you my last chance?
  8. The dream was such a charm! But the noise of the alarm…!
  9. Feet prevented to run for another pint of beer though the bar was near.
  10. Your brain to my diploma and I could be the richest man in Oklahoma.
  11. I’ve checked up, you are sick but not by me.
  12. Her legs are like pegs.

- Change them into kegs – Gregg begs. I want to save my eggs.

      13. What a prize! Can’t recognize!

      14. Come on! The doctor or not…You just undress!

            I’ll find out if you have a bareness.

      15. Love me! Admire me! Be at your ease! Face down, please!

      16. Marriage with that savage?

            He misses kisses and says: It distracts from the acts.

      17. You say: Go to ass!? Though you are a crass I’ll undress,

            as I am a kind lass.

      18. Three times had sex and only once had a success with a relax.

      19. Now you can only mourn as he was already born.

      20. The child lived without a rule as he was spoiled by school.

      21. Yes, I would undress without egress but… drifts and God’s bless…?


       ©Larisa Rzhepishevska (Odessa, Ukraine)

          The 15th of January, 2012




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winston plowes

Fri 3rd Feb 2012 21:16

Hi Larisa, I would like to know more about this varied and curious list. In what way did it come to life? There are elements of filling in a personal profile on a dating site. Win

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